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Site Clearance

site clearance

Site Clearance Site clearance: Do you plan on building a house but need to clear the site first? Have you found yourself wearing many different hats throughout the day and wishing you had a personal assistant to help smooth out the bumps of the winding road to your finished dwelling. Well we can’t do that but we can clear the site in a very effective and timely manner – again for a fee.

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Tree Survey

Tree Survey Tree Capture is a field-based digital tree management survey system which is used to capture and maintain a spatial database of trees and tree works plus provide arboriculture monitoring. Field crews carry handheld computers displaying a clickable map of the city or district. This map displays streets, property boundaries and addresses, parks, and trees. Once the information has been gathered in the field it is then transferred to a central database where the information can be customized to […]

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Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding & Removal in Harare Once a tree has been removed there will be a stump remaining that will often takes years to rot away. TFG also offers the service of Stump Removal. Offering service’s in the Harare area. We have grinders to work with from a hand held grinder through to a large track grinder, so no access is to hard. If you would like advice on any stump removal- even if it is an old stump then […]

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Tree Looping

There is a lot of confusion around the terms “lopping and pruning”. Many people believe they need to have their trees lopped when they become too large. Lopping is actually a very different procedure to pruning and can be harmful to the health and life of your trees. Trees are a valuable asset to you’re property so it is important to consider the long-term effect of any maintenance work. Damaging Effects of Tree Lopping: 50% or more of the tree […]

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Nivak Africa Documents.

Nivak Africa Documents Nivak Africa is registered and have the necessary documents for you to be confident in regards to engage us in any service and we have current and previous clients who have been satisfied with our work. contact us for a list of references or  Please find below our documents: Click below to download: Tax clearance certificate Praz Certificate COMPANY PROFILE 2019 REFERENCES

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