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Guide to Tree Felling “Boomsloping” Pretoria & Tree Trimming Pretoria

Tree Felling Group (TFG) Pretoria, Gauteng. Schedule free on 079 165 9641. Tree Felling Pretoria East is a wholly owned INSURED South African tree felling expert, tree trimming, tree stump removal (clearance), and tree felling Pretoria prices, boomsloping in Pretoria and big tree removal pta and tree cutting company based in Pretoria.

There’s no cut-and-dry way to determine the exact cost to boomsloping a tree in Pretoria east, so these are meant to serve as guidelines. For example, the complexity of the job and the height of the tree are just two pricing factors. Costs may also vary a lot depending on the condition and location of the tree.

The average cost on tree felling Pretoria east by (TFG) ranges from R1 500 to R8 000. But other tree felling expert may cost extra. For example, the average tree stump removal in Pretoria east prices ranges from R 3 000 to R15 000 and the average tree stump removal in Pretoria Moot costs R800-R3 000 depending on numerous factors.

Average Cost of Boomsloping a Tree in Pretoria East

Tree Felling Pretoria Cost
Tree Felling Pretoria Cost

Now that you have a feel for what the little extras are going to cost, you are probably wondering how much you’ll actually have to pay to have the tree removed. This will largely depend on the size of the tree:

Tree Stump removal costs will vary depending on a variety of things, most notably whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. Learning about the costs and prices associated with removing a tree stump, you will avoid surprises

The average cost to remove a tree stump ranges from

  • Typical price range = R950.00 – R4500 per stump
  • Average cost = R50 – R100 per inch of diameter
  • Best/cheapest price = R1,200 – R2,500

To find out more about our prices, give us a call on 079 165 9641

What if you just need to have a few branches removed from a tree? If they are interfering with power lines, just pick up the phone and call Tree Felling Pretoria East Company. They should come out and handle it at cheaper cost. If you need a branch or branches to be removed for other reasons, you will have to hire a tree felling removal Pretoria and tree cutting Pretoria company. Obviously, if the branches are really small, you can probably do it yourself.

To keep your yard looking as attractive as possible, you periodically need to have its trees trimmed into shape. In addition to making a tree look more aesthetically pleasing, tree trimming or pruning can be used to remove dead or broken limbs that can pose serious hazards. The cost of tree trimming varies depending on a number of factors including whether you do it yourself or hire a professional contractor. Learn more with our Tree Trimming Cost Guide.

There are many different levels of service available when removing a tree, but a few basic pieces are usually included. Obviously, the tree will be needed to be chopped down. Typically, the contractor will also have to rope down pieces of the tree by climbing the tree and cutting it into more manageable sizes. In many cases, it may also be hauled away at no extra charge (or this is included in the estimate). For other considerations, see our complete guide on what to ask when hiring a tree removal service.

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Palm Tree Felling Pretoria East: ~R 1 000.00 – R 5 000.00

There are many species of palm tree out there, but generally, the average height of a palm tree felling is between 5m to 15m. Some varieties soar up to 20m though. As you already know, the total amount that you’ll pay to have a tree removed depends on how large it is. If you have a smaller palm tree, you might pay as little as R800 or so. If your palm tree is extremely tall though, you could pay R2 000.00 or more. This is another example of why it pays to collect quite a few tree removal quotes before hiring a contractor.

Fallen Big Tree Removal in Pretoria Moot

If a tree falls on your property, you will probably want to clear it away as quickly as possible. Although this job isn’t nearly as risky or complicated as removing a healthy, living tree, it still requires a lot of equipment and can lead to injuries if you’re not careful. The good news is that the cost to remove a fallen tree is typically a lot lower than removing a standing tree. All told, you will probably pay between R750.00 and R1 500.00 for the work. As with removing a standing tree though, the total price will depend on whether you have it hauled completely away, cut up or just chipped up into tiny pieces.

Tree Stump Removal Pretoria Prices
Tree Stump Removal Pretoria Prices

Boomsloping Pretoria East | Tree Stump Removal Moreleta Park

Tree Stump removal prices vary depending on many different things. The cost to remove a stump will vary depending on whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, but other factors come into play as well. By learning about the costs that are associated with removing a tree stump, you will be able to avoid unpleasant surprises. Learn more with our Tree Stump Removal Cost Guide.

Factors that Affect Tree Stump Removal Pretoria Prices. As noted several times throughout this article, the total cost of having a tree removed will depend on many different factors. Here’s a recap of the main factors:

  • Size– The total height of the tree is one of the most critical cost factors.
  • Condition – If the tree is healthy and strong, you may have to pay more. If it is dead, dying or rotting, the work will be easier and should result in a lower price. If you’re not offered a reasonable price, make sure to point out that the tree is relatively weak.
  • Diameter – The diameter of the tree’s trunk plays a role in how much you’ll pay. This also comes into play when grinding a stump. Theoretically, you could pay more for a shorter, thicker tree than you would for a taller, slimmer one.
  • Location – It’s cheaper to have a tree removed if it is safely away from houses and other obstacles. If there are many risks for damages to occur, the tree removal company is sure to charge more for the work. After all, their liability goes up and they will have to be a lot more careful, potentially utilizing more complicated techniques or more complex equipment.
tree trimming pretoria east
tree trimming pretoria east

A Special Note about Damaged Trees

After a major storm or high winds, a tree may crash and cause damage to a house or other object. Tree felling Pretoria services usually charge a lot more to remove these types of trees. The main reason for the higher price is because they have to be careful to not cause additional damage. Also, damaged trees pose more risks in general as workers are more likely to be injured.

Although it may seem like a major expense to have a tree safely removed by the experts, it’s well worth it. By letting the professionals handle it for you; you will be able to avoid serious injuries and other problems. Besides, removing a tree isn’t easy. Why not let the pros handle it for you?

After chopping down a tree, the work isn’t completely done: There’s still a stump that needs to be removed. In fact, chopping or sawing down a tree is the easy part. Removing the stump is a whole different story.

Tree felling Pretoria, Tree Stump removal costs will vary depending on a variety of things, most notably whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. By learning about the costs and prices associated with removing a tree stump, you will avoid unpleasant surprises. Learn more about stump removal prices with our cost guide below.

DIY Stump Removal vs Tree Felling Pretoria Removal

The first decision you need to make is whether to hire someone to remove your tree stump or to do it yourself. On the face of things, it may not seem like there is a huge difference in price between hiring the pros and renting a stump grinder. However, many small but important factors can influence the net amount that it’s going to cost. For example, time is money and that needs to be kept in mind as well. If you’d like the work to be handled quickly and efficiently, you’ll probably find that professional stump removal is worth every penny.

Professional Tree Stump Removal Prices | Tree Felling Pretoria

Tree Cutting Pretoria
Tree Cutting Pretoria

Nationally, the average price for professional stump removal is around R 1,800.00 and it generally takes about an hour. Professional companies may charge based on different criteria:

  • By Diameter– If you are charged based on the diameter of the stump that needs to be removed.
  • By Total Number of Stumps– Many companies offer price breaks to customers who have more than one stump that needs to be removed. 
  • Clearing Land– In the event that you need a large expanse of land to be cleared and a huge number of stumps to go along with it, you can expect to pay a flat hourly fee.  You may be charged based on the average diameter of the stumps that need to be removed. 

Factors that May Affect the Cost of a Tree Felling Pretoria Removal Service

  • Stump Diameter– Larger diameters equal higher prices.
  • Age of Stump– Older stumps are usually rotted and easier to grind down.
  • Soil Condition– Rocky soil may damage equipment, so you may be charged more.
  • Type of Tree Stump– Certain types of tree stumps are tougher to grind than others.
  • Root System– Stumps with minimal root stumps are cheaper to remove than stumps with extensive root systems.
  • Cleanup– If you want the ground-up stump to be removed as well, you will pay more.

The Limitations of Removing a Tree Stump Yourself

Although hydraulic tree stump grinders are available for rent, they are usually only designed to handle very small stumps. Due to the rather high cost of renting such a machine, it’s usually only worth your while if you have several stumps to remove. Furthermore, you will need a trailer hitch in order to get it home, or you will have to pay extra to have it delivered.

As you can see, the cost of removing a stump yourself depends on a variety of factors, such as how much you value your time or how motivated you are to do it yourself. Your total tree stump removal cost will usually be more if you hire the professionals, but the job will be done quickly and efficiently. Unless you just have a small stump to remove, hiring a company to do it for you is probably the most viable option.

Looking for local Pretoria East tree and stump removal services? Here’s our current list of companies providing tree services. This includes trimming, pruning, and removal including stumps. Do you know a company that isn’t on the list in your city? Suggest a pro in the comments along with their location and contact information.

Tips & Suggestions for Cutting Down a Tree Felling Pretoria

tree stump removal
tree stump removal

Tree Cutting Equipment

Before getting down to business, assemble the tools and gear that you’ll need. At the very minimum, you will need the following equipment:

  • Protective Gear– People get injured while felling trees all the time. Reduce the risk by wearing Kevlar leg coverings, a hard hat, steel toe boots, heavy-duty gloves and goggles.
  • First Aid Kit– In case something goes awry, have medical supplies readily available.
  • Chainsaw– Make sure the chainsaw has a sharp chain, a full tank of oil and gas and that it works properly.
  • Ladder
  • Rope
  • Ax
  • Wedges

Cutting Tree Roots

It is generally recommended that you do not cut a tree’s roots, and this is something that should only happen out of necessity. Some situations in which cutting a tree’s roots may be warranted include the following:

  • When a tree is growing too large for the yard in which it is located or
  • When a tree is growing dangerously close to the foundation of your home.

There is no way to guarantee that you won’t damage the tree by cutting its roots. If you do, you will more than likely have to remove the tree entirely. Step-by-step instructions for cutting tree roots as safely as possible are highlighted here.

Plant A Tree And Celebrate Earth Day!

Plant A Tree
Plant A Tree

Across the globe on Earth Day, people are looking for ways to give back to the environment in which they live. Earth Day’s roots go back to 1970 and Senator Gaylord Nelson. The Senator first came up with the idea a year earlier when an oil spill occurred in Santa Barbara, California. At the time, environmental issues were not enough of a concern to bring about any effective change. The Senator had an idea to direct some of the energy and enthusiasm of the anti-war movement toward issues regarding pollution. He and an event coordinator named Denis Hayes promoted an event designed to create an appreciation and awareness of the Earth’s environment. The event, which was the first Earth Day, took place on April 22, 1970 and had 20 million participants who took part in rallies across the U.S. This led to the eventual passing of several important environmental Acts, including the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act. Earth Day is now celebrated around the world and continues to be an important day that brings much-needed attention to issues concerning the environment. With concerns such as global warming, Earth Day is as relevant as ever. It is important that people recognize and celebrate this day to help spread awareness and ensure that political leaders take the necessary actions to enact laws that help reduce the dangers to the environment. By celebrating Earth Day, people can also create changes in their everyday lives and in their communities that will have a positive impact on the world around them.

Plant a Tree

Tree Cutting Pretoria
Tree Cutting Pretoria

Planting a tree is a great way to celebrate Earth Day. When people plant trees they are doing more than just beautifying an area. Trees are beneficial to the environment in numerous ways. They help produce oxygen and filter out pollutants to clean the air. In addition, trees also help preserve water levels in the soil. Planting a tree in one’s own yard is the obvious solution when it comes to where to plant. Fruit and shade trees are a good choice when deciding the type of trees to plant. Fruit trees have the bonus of eventually bearing fruit, and as a result providing food for the family, neighbors, and friends. When planted in the right location, shade trees can help keep a home cool and reduce energy costs. For people who do not have a yard that can support a tree, there are other ways to plant a tree in celebration of Earth Day. Many local areas have initiatives in place that call for volunteers to participate in tree planting.

Start a Garden

A garden doesn’t have to be a complex undertaking and it is a great way for families to spend time together on Earth Day. Whether it is a vegetable or flower garden, there are multiple benefits to planting a garden in one’s yard. When planting a vegetable garden, people are able to enjoy foods that are grown right from their own patio or yard, cutting out the middle man and reducing the carbon footprint made by delivery trucks and trips to grocery stores for food. Even people who live in apartments can start a small garden on their patios using recycled barrels, containers or even window boxes. If starting a garden at one’s apartment or home isn’t a possibility, most cities have community gardens where people with a genuine interest in gardening may consider renting a plot or becoming a member. When gardening, avoid practices that could be harmful to the environment, such as using chemical pesticides.

Clean up Litter

Litter is an eyesore on the environment and can end up in the water supply, becoming a health and environmental hazard. By picking up litter, people can prevent environmental contamination, the potential poisoning of wild animals, and also ensure that recyclable items are properly taken care of. Removing litter also removes potentially flammable items that could contribute to wildfires. The removal of litter is a great way to celebrate Earth Day. While it is possible to do so by oneself, litter removal will have a greater impact if it is a group undertaking. A family can work together to clean litter from their neighborhood, or a person can set up a group outing for neighbors, church members or other people in the community to clean up the litter in local parks or other areas. Volunteer opportunities may also be available to clean up the litter in certain communities.

Spring Cleanup

Earth Day is the ideal time to start spring cleaning and it is an activity that the whole family can join in on. While most people associate spring cleaning with indoor cleaning, one’s outdoor environment also needs cleanup assistance following the winter months. Things such as fallen leaves and broken branches can hinder the growth of plants as well as one’s lawn, in addition to being less than visually appealing. Remove leaves and debris from gutters with a gloved hand. A rake may be used to remove leaves and dead grass from the yard and from flower or garden beds. Excessive whole leaves can mold or smother a lawn and promote certain types of disease. In addition, other items, such as pine cones, should be removed from the grass. Dead and broken branches on trees and flowering plants should also be removed to ensure that new blossoms and leaves are able to grow. Cut back overgrown plants and shrubs. If desired, give them a heavy pruning; however, first talk with a nursery professional to determine how much pruning is safe for the type of shrub in question. Leaves, grass, and twigs are great for creating compost, while things such as pine cones can be given new life when used in craft projects.